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Hey Guys!

2012-08-29 20:49:32 by AliMaredia

Hello to all!

I have been pretty busy lately. But I still want to continue submitting more and more music on Newgrounds very soon.

Emekcrash is making a visual novel soon. He will be using some of my music and I will post the details later on.

Skruffye, a Youtube commentator, will be using parts of Archon in for his intro and outro in his videos. He does video commentaries on the game Team Fortress 2. A link to one of his videos is here.

I am working on a project with Newgrounds animator, Rexzous. Check out his page more info.

I am also making music for a game with youtubedawg98. Check out his page for more info.

Later in the future, I will be producing music for Senior Wolfy, hummerh14, TheSoulGazers, and Nitro24.

Last but not least, I am also working with X-fighter, who is making a RPG. I will post details later on.

So, you can see that I am pretty busy! I will keep everybody updated on what is going on.